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Band Members Biographies
Julian May: Lead Guitar and Main Vocalist
Julian May

Julian is one of the original founding members of The Mays formally known as 'Four-May-Shun' starting out in 1975.

He has many influences, but it has to be said that local band 'T Bone Steak’ formed the basis of the music he would go on to perform with his brothers.

Julian first started playing guitar in 1973 at St Peter’s High School, Burnham-on-Crouch, after watching fellow students performing ‘Caroline’ by Status Quo in the school potting shed.

Having owned and played a broad and diverse range of guitars of most popular manufacturers Julian now plays a Fender Telecaster, that coincidently was the same type he first saw being played by the band in the school potting shed.

Over the past ten years Julian has also performed with other artists in duos and in bands, including a recent return to performing as a tribute to Cliff Richard.

David May: Bass Guitarist and Vocalist

David is one of the original founding members of The Mays. He started playing bass guitar when he was 14 years old and has also played rhythm guitar for 'Four-May-Shun' when brother Peter left the band.

He has a number of musical influences including Meatloaf, ELO, Don Williams and John Denver.

Over the years David has had a number of guitars, he started on an Impact - 25 inch scale and now plays a Yamaha full scale.

Whilst performing David ensures a great level of audience engagement and participation.

Currently, David is also in another band, known as The Gents, they were first formed eighteen months ago; he also plays bass and sings with them.

david may
Steve Houghton: Rhythm Guitar and Vocalist
steve houghton

Steve was a late starter, not starting to learn to play guitar until in his late thirties! But having always loved the music of 'The Shadows', 'The Ventures' and indeed most Rock ‘n’ Roll the desire to learn to play those true classics was strong!

He plays a Custom Fender Stratocaster that boasts hand wound Kinman™ pickups and a treasured Vox AC30 amplifier that carries The Shadows logo (kindly supplied by Eric White, who also made them for Hank and Bruce!).

Steve also occasionally uses a Yamaha electro-acoustic guitar. Steve’s wife Di is also a former member of the family band and so is able to assist practice providing vocals and bass!

He loves to play with the band and finds it provides fantastic relaxation from his day job as an Engineering Manager.

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